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About Us

Hi!  I'm Romaine Halupa.  I am a hobby breeder raising Norwegian Forest Cats in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. 


My cattery name, Catamea, originated from a funny story.  It means I love my cats.  While watching an Addams Family movie, Gomez called Morticia My Cara Mia.  For years I thought he was saying 'Catamea'.  So much for my Italian language skills!

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All my cats are screened annually for healthy hearts.  I have also completed eye clearances.  These are done by board certified veterinary specialists in their respective fields.  We complete DNA testing using Optimal Selection.  The cats and kittens are fed a super high quality diet consisting of raw meat, canned and dry food, and kefir.  I supplement with probiotics and a vitamin and mineral supplement daily.  


I am a member of TICA - The International Cat Association.  We have been very fortunate to attain some of the highest accolades in TICA, which is a worldwide organization.  We have won the Norwegian Forest Breed in kittens, whole cats, and altered cats in multiple show seasons.  We have several International All Breed wins as well as Regional Wins.  We have also been awarded Lifetime Achievement awards with cats that I have produced.

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